’70S CRAZE in The KNLs Brain blazer

You know what? There is nothing that you cannot layer and look good in. I mean okay, excessive layering can look a bit weird but in this instance, the two scarves can create a very interesting look. Don’t you think?

What Xeni (love it when I write in the third person, sticking tongue out!) is proposing here, is to wear one scarf as a tie and another as the “joker” of your outfit and by “joker” I mean the playing card. You see, you can start off your look with the “joker” placed firmly on your shoulders and later on the “joker” can be placed on your bag or on your wrist. Add a THALATTA Fringy and a little air in the scenery and… tada! Scarves and fringes mixed beautifully together “playing” around your figure flowing in the breeze. I can be so descriptive sometimes. Smiley face.

Anyway, that is all. I know I am wearing a lot of pink-The KNLs- these days and it looks as if I have a thing for 70s inspired looks (It’s called the ‘70s craze). I must be going through something. I don’t know…

Kiss. Kiss.


THE KNLs blazer
ZARA shirt
H&M flared jeans
SONIA RYKEL heeled sandals
THALATTA fringy black matt
WOLFNOIR sunnies
A TOTEM FUR ELITA by Loula Levedi scarf